Adding random static images to your web-site

There are times when one wishes to add just a “simple” static photo to improve feel and presentation of our/client’s site or photo blog. The idea usually goes like this:

  • I have a series of images that I want to display on my website.
  • I do not need a slideshow.
  • I just want to display one image (on the page load) and I want to grab it at random.
  • My site is either based on WordPress theme or it is just a plain xhtml site.

To accomplish this task, three web components are needed: html, css, and some sort of JavaScript. For the latter, I picked jQuery library which is well suited for this task. In addition, other standard web technologies will be used, such as JSON and Ajax.


For the following part, we will need to be comfortable with a simple editing of html code, preparing JSON list of our photos, including jQuery/Ajax script, and with a little bit of css styling.

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