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Every day, hundreds of thousands of photos are uploaded to the web. There are many web surfers, photography amateurs, pros and photo agencies browsing for the best pictures. Nothings gets more frustrating then seeing an image that took several hours of editing and rigorous color management discipline, only to realize that colors got shifted and that the whole visual experience is compromised. Main culprit is often wrong setup of the web browser or use of browser that cannot be setup to effectively manage colors (IE, Opera).

In general, the first part of troubleshooting color shifts is checking that our monitor is calibrated and profiled.

This post will guide you through the powerful options in Firefox that enable color management of images that are tagged with icc profile. If the image is not tagged with icc profile, its color interpretation will default to the computer system color space, which in most cases is close to sRGBinfo and and then converted to the monitor RGB. If the image is tagged with icc profile and if there is no monitor profile available, monitor RGB values are assumed and the monitor default profile is used for conversion. For calibrated and profiled or any decent monitor, results for tagged and untagged (but edited on standard sRGB gamut monitor) images will be just fine. However, troubles will most probably arise on a wide-gamut monitor.

Setup described below will ensure that most images from the Web will be faithfully displayed on your monitor, especially on wide-gamut monitors.

Here is how to proceed (in Mozilla Firefox browser):

  1. Type "about:config" in the browser address bar (no quotes).  
  2. Click the "OK, I'll be careful" button in the warning message that appears.
  3. Type "gfx" to the Filter field.
  4. Double-click the "gfx.color_management.display_profile" line and enter path to your monitor profile.
If you do not know or do not have your monitor profile, just leave the default value. System will assume monitor RGB color space.
  1. Double-click the "gfx.color_management.mode" line and enter "1" (means Full Color Management) in the box that opens up (click the image below to zoom in).
  2. Quit and restart Firefox.

That’s it. Firefox should now display all images with full color management in action.

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